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So what's the deal with the name change Flying Saucer?!!

Well...It's complicated...

For the past sixteen years, we've been known as Flying Saucer Pizza.  A few years back someone in another state copied our name, some of our pizza names, our styling as well as our branding.  This was confounding and frustrating to us.  We've always been a one-of-a-kind unique company with unique offerings.  Over time our social media became intermingled.  Our customers became confused about locations and this confusion prevented us from conquering the universe with our pizza love.  After discussing the issue with some leading business strategy types, their suggestion was "don't sweat it".  They said, "PIck a better name which better represents you and what you do today and don't look back, just make sure you trademark the name!  Your fans will still love you take the journey with you."

When we first heard this the concept was a bit bizarre, like renaming a teenager.  The company's identity has been wrapped up in Flying Saucer for a long time.  The only thing we could do though was to put pencil to paper and start writing down names.  It was important that a flying saucer still be in the name and branding in some way.   It was also important that we shorten the name if we could.   It's not easy to speak out  'f l y i n g s a u c e r p i z z a "dot" com' to someone over the phone.  So after writing down a bunch of nouns like "Saucer", "Zaw", "Pizza", it quickly became evident that if we swapped the "S" for the "Z" in saucer, the resulting name embodied a lot of what we do "Zaucer" was created.  It's a shorter name in a tighter package.  So after a  few years with the US Patent and Trademark Office, we were finally awarded the name "Zaucer (R)" and "Zaucer Pizza (R)".  This has definitely been a longer vision game.

In Short...

What we're changing:  Our name

What we're not changing:  Our food, our beer, our pizza names, all the great stuff.

Where do we go from here?

Well...the sky's the limit!  Now we can grow unfettered in the universe.  We can bring our pizza and great locally sourced craft beer to every nook and cranny of the universe.  We're frankly excited about the possibilities.  

-Aaron and Gayle (the owners)

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