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So what's the deal with the name change Flying Saucer?!!

To Find Out Why - Click Here

The Owners - Gayle and Aaron


When I was a teenager I loved working at a family-run pizza shop, and my husband is an avid science fiction fan and pizza lover. At the time of Zaucer's conception, we both worked in the corporate world and wanted to do something different. So, we thought, “ and sci-fi work well together… how cool would it be if we creatively merge the ideas together and open a sci-fi pizzeria?” We found a location and took the proverbial plunge. We were founded in April 2005 with a simple plan to make great tasting pies with inventive ingredients in a fun, sci-fi themed environment. We are passionate about our pizzas and offering amazing beer to go along with them.

What we’re all about at Zaucer Pizza - “An Experience in Outer Taste” is our tag line.  Our primary goal was to make excellent pizza that everyone in a family could love.   We only use premium flour for our dough and the highest quality ingredients and fresh produce to make our menu items. We make our own dough daily.  We also make our own sausage, pizza sauces, and salad dressings.  We grate our mozzarella fresh from 100% whole milk Mozzarella cheese blocks and chop all of our fresh veggies by hand.   Our red pizza sauce is made from tomatoes that have been vine-ripened to deep vibrant red, then picked with the greatest care and packed within hours of harvest. This results in a pizza sauce that truly has the sweet taste of fresh tomatoes plucked from the vine. We top off our pizzas with our whole milk mozzarella cheese and your custom toppings making it a truly personal pizza.


Be Unconventional - It's our goal to be a bit unconventional in everything we do, from the names of our pizzas to the smallest details like our bathroom signs.  We want to provide a unique experience to our customers with high-value products that aren't like a typical corner pizza shop or national chain. We're passionate about people and making great food and offering amazing beer to go along with it.


What we love? - Our main focus is pizza, but we also offer a big variety of salads, pasta, and a rotating selection of the finest locally sourced craft-brewed ales. We also offer a gluten-free hard cider and a house red and white wine. We complete the customer’s experience by showing campy 50’s/60’s sci-fi movies daily on our flat screen. 

What's up with the little pizzas? - Growing up, Aaron always had issues with the family/group pizza ordering situation. "Most often as a kid, you are relegated to whatever the adults want, like it or leave it. I usually chose to leave it. As an adult,  I saw further need while working at a high tech company where I often ordered food for work parties. Trying to get everyone to decide what to get on pizza was more complex than the the software we were building. These experiences had such an impact on me, I decided with our restaurant, to give everyone the ability to get exactly what they want as a key concept to our business model"


What's this?  You have a theme song?  - Our good friend Neal Martin (Neal The Producer), produced our incredible full length jingle.  It's not just a short jingle you would typically hear on the radio.  It's a full length freakin' song...about Flying Saucer, our mascott Piatino (Little Saucer) and how he brought our galactic pizza recipes to earth to share with all humans.  Neal made this in just a few days.  The song is amazing and you can can hear it right here.

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